Meet Our Staff


Liz Smith, MS, BCBA, LBA

 Liz S is the owner and director of CORE ABA. She is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and realized her passion for working with kids at a young age. Liz found ABA after graduating from Marist College and fell in love with teaching children with autism new skills. She started studying ABA in a variety of settings under multiple supervisors and became most passionate about helping families in their own homes. Liz obtained her Masters in ABA and Autism at the Sage Colleges and passed the BCBA exam in May of 2013. She started CORE ABA at the beginning of 2014 and has not slowed down since! Liz loves sharing knowledge of ABA and creating opportunities for kids to have fun and learn through the most natural environment possible. Liz enjoys teaching and finding creative ways to maximize the potential of our clients! She is a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, CT-ABA and the Association for Professional Behavior Analysts.


Lauren S., MA, BCBA, LBA

Lauren S. joined the CORE ABA family in January of 2016 and immediately became a star in the field. Lauren became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in November 2017. She has her Masters in Psychology from SCSU and obtained a certificate in ABA from WCSU in 2016 and was also a Registered Behavior Technician. Lauren has many strengths and is extremely gifted at working with children. She has a knack for understanding and applying the principles of ABA to teach kids new skills while having fun. Lauren truly creates reinforcing environments for our families.


Mary Beth B., CPC, CPPM

Mary Beth B is our Business Manager. Mary Beth has been running C.O.R.E. ABA’s office since October of 2016 and we couldn’t be more grateful for her knowledge, contributions, and determination. Mary Beth is a Certified Medical Coder and a Certified Physician Practice Manager and has tackled many insurance challenges. She has assisted in creating our policies and procedures, compliance, and employee manuals. She creates a positive work environment for the team. We are so blessed to have MaryBeth on our team!  

Behavior Technicians

Our amazing team!!!

Behavior Technicians have an extremely important, if not the most important job at CORE ABA. They are the teachers of the behavioral contingencies. They are the eyes observing the child in the environment, the hand patting the learner on the back, the voice that people respond to, the data collector, and the force to be reckoned with! The BTs know the learner, their goals, their motivations, and challenges, and is able to see their potential. They are able to recognize socially significant behavior and, using the programs, BIPs, and support from BCBAs, apply scientifically based procedures and document their progress on that path. BTs find value in this process and progress and use the resulting reinforcement in their daily application, by helping the client practice those skills in new ways, creating opportunities that bring the learner closer to using the skill, independently in the natural environment. Our BT's receive training both on and off-site. We are so grateful to have a wonderful team of BT's and RBTs who work hard every day!!! 

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) created a certification for these technicians known as the Registered Behavior Technician-TM (RBT®). Therapists who have received 40 hours of training, complete a background check, and pass an observational competency are eligible to sit for the RBT examination. C.O.R.E. ABA strives to have all staff certified as Registered Behavior Technicians within three months of employment.