ABA Therapy in the Home and Community

Many children receive services through schools and various clinical programs to work on language, social, motor and/or play skills.  However, none of these programs take place in the most natural setting- your home! CORE ABA wants to help you and your family by assessing the needs of your child in the home setting and creating a plan to teach new, adaptive behaviors and reduce problematic or maladaptive ones.  Our staff of trained ABA Therapists will work under the supervision of a BCBA to implement procedures to teach programs such as:

  • Verbal behavior
  • ​Joint attention
  • Play skills
  • Toilet training and other self-help skills
  • Play with siblings
  • Mealtime behaviors
  • and many more, depending on the needs of your family.

​​These programs are monitored by a BCBA and are all data driven, which means that we make decisions based on the data that are collected daily. CORE ABA will also identify and assess your child's problematic behaviors, which may include tantrums, non-compliance, aggression, self-injurious behaviors, and self-stimulatory behaviors, and design interventions to reduce or replace these behaviors.  We will practice the application of types of procedures with parents, caregivers, and siblings. Depending on the needs of your child, programs can range from one to forty hours a week. 

Intensive Interventions

Are you interested in ABA and having some difficulties with your child, but do not want to commit to a long-term ABA program?  CORE ABA offers intensive ABA programs to target specific issues that are limiting your child and family. These types of services can be used to decrease maladaptive behaviors and teach new skills in an intense format, tailored specifically to the issue you are having. Intensive interventions can be short or long term, and used to teach: 

  • Eating and mealtime behaviors 
  • Toilet training 
  • Safety skills such as walking together in the community
  • Dressing skills
  • Desensitization to objects or environments (haircuts, nail trimming, dentist, etc.) 
  • Replacements for challenging behavior


Assessments are essential tools to discover a baseline of your child's skills and deficits. Each assessment is used to design effective treatment plans for your child. ABA programs are designed to monitor the effectiveness of interventions using data that are collected each session, therefore, a baseline assessment is necessary for each program. There are some assessments that are outside the behavioral realm, for which we would help by making recommendations. CORE ABA is able to conduct the following assessments: 

  • ​Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA): An assessment that describes an individuals behavior by its function, or reasons for occurring. An FBA includes informal interviews, direct observation, record reviews, a descriptive assessment, graphed data and an interpretation of this data, an analysis of all of the gathered information, and recommendations. An FBA by CORE ABA may be conducted independently of therapy. 
  • Social Skills Assessment: Social skills are a critical component of everyday life and functioning in the natural environment. Social skills lead to sustained friendships and relationships, which are important for many reasons. Social skills assessments require direct observations, a review of past reports, and formal assessments designed to monitor social skills. 
  • Language assessments: Language assessments will provide information of your child's language and communication skills.  They can also be used to create a baseline for future programming and/or IEP planning. CORE ABA conducts criterion-references assessments such as the ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP. In addition, we collect language samples in the natural environment to assess a child's functional communication skills. Finally, if your child has a recent assessment, or is currently working with speech language pathologist, we review the information these professionals can provide. Our staff is trained to work collaboratively with professionals of other critical fields to enrich your child's program.
  • Program and consultation assessment: CORE ABA is happy to review any current programs or interventions in place and offer suggestions and/or recommendations to contribute with a second opinion. We review the current plan's program, goals, objective, and teaching procedures using direct observation and record review, and provide an interpretation of this data and recommendations.  

Training and Supervision

CORE ABA loves to talk about and teach ABA! We offer parent, staff and school trainings to help generalize skills across environments and teach everyone basics, or details, about ABA. We are happy to collaborate with other professionals to maximize training opportunities that are client-specific.  Additionally, CORE ABA offers supervision to those pursuing certification at the BCBA, BCaBA, and RBT levels in Connecticut (CT). Please contact us for more information.